6 Negative Effects of Air Conditioning on Your Health You Need to Know

Even if sometimes air conditioning seems to be the best ally to fight the high summer temperatures, in reality, air conditioning can harm our health if we do not take the necessary precautions.

When summer arrives, air conditioning is usually present in the office, in the car, and most homes. However, improper use of air conditioning can have harmful consequences for health.

In addition to the usual sore throats or colds, excessive use of air conditioning can affect our overall well-being: when air conditioning dries out the air, it becomes harmful to our health. That’s why it’s essential to use air conditioning responsibly.

Discover here the 6 negative effects of air conditioning on health.

Respiratory problems

The first negative health consequence of air conditioning is respiratory problems. Keep in mind that a drastic temperature change weakens the respiratory system. The body becomes, in fact, more vulnerable to respiratory infections. In short, going from extreme external heat to the coolness of an air-conditioned room weakens our bodies. It is thus possible to contract a virus more easily and suffer from pharyngitis or a throat infection.

It has been shown that people who spend a lot of time in an air-conditioned environment are more likely to suffer from flu-like symptoms (nose and throat).

Air conditioning absorbs moisture and dries out the air. However, the air we breathe must be a little humid, to prevent diseases and nasal congestion. By drying out the air, air conditioning also dries out the nasal mucous membranes, which can lead to nasal obstructions and more serious problems, such as rhinitis.

Viral infections

Poor maintenance of facilities can indirectly cause a viral infection. Then bear in mind that it is necessary to rigorously maintain its facilities, to avoid the penetration of pathogens.
If the facilities are not maintained, the air conditioning in circulation can then transmit viruses responsible for colds and flu. It is, therefore, more likely to catch a viral infection in an air-conditioned room than in a room without air conditioning.


Another negative consequence of poor air conditioning consumption is dehydration. It is, in fact, more likely to suffer from dehydration in a room where the air conditioning works for long hours. As previously discussed, air conditioning absorbs moisture: the air we breathe contains no moisture, which harms our bodies.
In addition, the temperature is low and the body is cold, the body moves less and the body does not feel the need to drink. Many of us don’t think about hydrating!


Without a shadow of a doubt, headaches are among the most common side effects of excessive air conditioning consumption.
As seen above, the risk of dehydration is greater, so you likely suffer from migraines. We tend to forget that dehydration is one of the most common factors that cause migraines.

Dry eye

If you suffer from drought problems, we recommend that you avoid using air conditioning regularly. You may worsen your condition.
Air conditioning is not the responsible factor in itself, but it harms people who suffer from drought. Dry eyes are manifested by itching and irritation.

Poorer heat resistance

A person who spends a lot of time in air-conditioned places will tend to withstand the heatless, especially during the summer.
We recommend that you use air conditioning responsibly and limit your consumption as much as possible.