Here Are the Top 8 Health Benefits of Honey

Decreases free radicals

We agree that the components of honey make it both tasty and healthy: it’s like enjoying a caramel loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, without having to worry about the same damage as when we eat traditional refined sugar. Indeed, this sweetness of nature contains phenolic and flavonoid compounds. These are necessary to decrease free radicals that damage cells.

Improves intestinal transit

It also helps well to facilitate digestion because of the enzymes it contains. Also, it decreases the production of gas and the acidity of the stomach, improves intestinal transit through its high content of oligosaccharides, and regulates the level of water in the body. In addition, it regulates intestinal flora.

Strengthens the immune system

In addition, this fluid prevents infections, strengthens the immune system and relieves respiratory and throat symptoms. This is attributed to its antimicrobial, antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.
The benefits of honey date back to ancient times. Since ancient times, cultures such as Egyptian have incorporated it into the most diverse health activities. Since then, its use as an antibiotic or as a medicinal food was so popular in several countries that it has even survived to this day. Not to mention, it’s incredibly delicious.