Here Are the Top 8 Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is rich in healthy nutrients

Contrary to what we may believe, it is very delicious food. Bees store the best of flowers: the plant’s most important sugars, amino acids and minerals are concentrated in the nectar. Once regurgitated by bees, nectar goes through a process that improves it. Nutritionally, the result of this process is incredible.

Its antioxidants lower blood pressure

This is another effect of the antioxidants contained in honey on the blood. Different studies conducted have shown that it lowers blood pressure. However, other sources of antioxidants should not be overlooked as well as regular exercise.

Helps lower cholesterol

Cholesterol is a great risk to the heart system for which the bee product could be a useful defence. Several studies have shown significant results in this regard, ensuring that honey not only reduces cholesterol levels but also regulates it.

Lowers triglycerides

Triglycerides are our internal enemy: they come from the sugar and fats we eat, and they can cause us problems ranging from heart risks to a possible onset of type 2 diabetes.
However, the sugar in honey is an exception to the triglyceride rule. According to recent studies, consuming honey is more beneficial than consuming sugar, since the former can reduce triglyceride levels. Optimistic studies attribute to this difference up to 11 to 19% less risk of triglycerides in those who consume honey as a substitute.

May reduce cough in children

Coughing is a common breathing problem in children, and it can unbalance your sleep and health. Many medical cough remedies claim to contain honey to promote themselves for a reason: it is effective in curing this disease.
Some studies have determined that it is very effective in reducing cough symptoms, and recovering sleep patterns better than any commercial medication. However, its consumption in children under 1 year of age can cause botulism, which is not recommended in this case.